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Lonely Boy anthology

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Daddy’s Song

He had arms like mountains
or they seemed to be back then
And his voice it could scare the hell
out of grown men
And I would listen to his every word
like it was the gospel truth
i was a lonely boy
the only boy
But I enjoyed my youth
Daddy I’m sorry
that our visions aren’t the same
and I will never be your pride and joy
Daddy don’t worry
Things will all work out okay
I will always be your little boy
As I grew older
Well the stories never changed
And they lost a little impact
With each passing day
And I started to look elsewhere
for inspiration as I grew
I was a lonely boy, the only boy
With a guitar in my room
Daddy I’m sorry
That my heroes had to change
and I will never be
your shining one
Daddy don’t worry
Things will all work out okay
And I will always be
Your only son

 Copyright, Joe Lucchetta

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